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It’s been a long journey building this book and your help and service has been generous in all interactions.

I know if I went to a competing online book building service, I would not have received the same level of service and education of the process, nor would they have likely cared to the extent you did in regard to bleed, and formatting.

I would be happy to do business with you again in the future and will recommend your services to others.”

Jono Doiron, illustrator

What makes us different?


High definition digital printing on Indigo presses.
Scuff free cover finish available.
Perfect binding using PUR glue.
Hardcover & dust jacket options.


Print as few as 25 copies in 3 days.
Reprint as often as you need.
Update your print files when you want.
Unbeatable prices.


Personalize or date your exhibition catalogues.
Publish multiple versions of the same catalogue to impress your admirers.

Just received my order. You guys never cease to impress! They look awesome!!

As a printer myself, I am (happily) surprised that you could perfect bind such a small book! I like it very much! Looks much better than saddle-stitched! You guys rock!

Michel Weatherall

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