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I would like to say how happy we were with our books that we had printed with Rapido Books.

We found them to be very trustworthy. The people at Rapido were patient and knowledgeable and just very helpful.

They proceeded to send us a quote that was quite inexpensive and everything was printed out very clearly as to what we were paying for. I would highly recommend this company to any of my friends and family.

Pam G.

On-Demand Printing Makes Everything Possible

Quality & Security

We systematically check all files before printing.
We work with the best control tools
and pre-press experts.

Short Turnaround

48-72 hours to manage low inventories.
Your books delivered in time for a launch
or a presentation. Anywhere in North America
and even in Europe!

Be creative

Launch special editions of your work
(personalization, dedication).
Let your imagination run wild
& Rapido will make it happen.

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